E-commerce capabilities for high-volume commerce sites including on-line ordering and purchasing.

Elf provides cutting-edge technology to implement and manage your web-based sales and service delivery. An example, for our client Wolfe Video, we developed one of the first shopping carts systems in 1995, which subsequently evolved to include a client storefront with complete back-end management and interfaces to enterprise order processing software systems.

Design and development of customized services and applications.

Elf Systems has developed a variety of highly interactive specialized websites to achieve unique business goals of our clients. An example of this the physician-to-physician website developed for MD Expert utilizing passwords and multi-level security for safeguarding personal health care records. The site incorporated high-level encryption coupled with specific safeguards for the database. Physical, procedural, and technological safeguards were employed to insure the privacy of the users of the site.

Intranet development.

Elf has worked with corporations such as Divicom Corporation to create specific sites to record activity for project management teams. Elf created a complex career management tool for Microsoft's intranet to streamline the employee evaluation process. The tool replaced an awkward manual system with a fully automated evaluation system. Both the employee and supervisor identify functional and technical skills to create a job description. When the employee is evaluated, the manager and the employee compare their rankings of the employee's performance, and the comparison results used in a further step to create a work plan for the upcoming year.

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